1984 subra brat gl for sale

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1984 subra brat gl for sale

Post by Landryts »

Need some help with what everyone thinks this is worth. I have an opportunity to buy a 1984 brat gl silver with striping all original back seat camper shell 49000 miles no rust stored in side and never driven in winter 4 speed interior gray in great condition. Owner not sure what it is worth and I want to be fair with price being it is my next door neighbor. Thanks,
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Re: 1984 subra brat gl for sale

Post by split196 »

Any pictures ? Would be easier to price seeing the car
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Re: 1984 subra brat gl for sale

Post by guiguilandry »

somewhere between 1 and one million dollars should be fine...
:lol: :lol:

really post pictures and try to compare the prices on the net...
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Re: 1984 subra brat gl for sale

Post by Skemcin »

Yes - pictures would be very helpful.

A couple other things ...

a.) what year
b.) does it run
c.) how many owners (to validate truth in claims)
d.) where is this vehicle
e.) is currently registered / any lapse in vehicle registration or insurance
f.) receipts/documents of service and maintenance

All these things need to be discovered in order to make a fair offer.

Site unseen with no documentation and no idea where the vehicle is - I'd offer $2k maybe twice that should everything check out.
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