'03 Baja 71K $8000.00 OBO

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'03 Baja 71K $8000.00 OBO

Post by Outlawed » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:52 pm

Hi all, Jim here, been a long time since I've been on the site. However, I just retired (for the last time) and it's time to get rid of one of 4 vehicles. Unfortunately, the wife decided it would be my Baja instead of her primo Outback Turbo. (Don't want to go into that whole war story. Bottom line, I lost) I hate it when she's right. She doesn't drive any more, so 3 of them are just sitting. One is my Dodge Deisel Truck I use for towing 4 wheelers. The other is a 34' Motorhome which she would get rid of me before she got rid of that. :roll: I've had the car for about a year. Anyways. It's a primo 03 non-turbo, base edition with 71K miles on it. Runs like a top. Just had the head gaskets replaced. Excellent tires with 4 excellent spare tires mounted. All on Sooby rims. Everything else is stock and in primo condition. Even has the rear deck cover w/lock. Feel free to call or text for info or more pics. Jim 3zero3-981-4631, or outlaw@reagan.com.
I know I'll think of something else and come back and edit this, so you might check back from time to time if interested.
I am also posting it here in the Denver area on CL
P.S. Sucks one pic is bigger than the other :( but you get the drift.
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