A.R.E. topper replacement window suggestions?

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A.R.E. topper replacement window suggestions?

Post by ScooBaJah »

So I've managed to finally get ahold of a matching silver A.R.E. shell for my Baja, and believe it or not, I didn't have to leave the city to get it!

The only problem is that the right side, rear window glass is shattered. The frame (?) of the window is still intact, as is the front section of glass.

Would anyone have any suggestions on where to find a replacement? I've contacted a couple topper service shops in the area (Denver, CO), but haven't heard back yet. Figure someone here has to have the inside scoop on getting this little piece of glass repaired without paying an arm and a leg.


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Re: A.R.E. topper replacement window suggestions?

Post by ZUBAJA »

Plexiglass (Lexan, or Perspex if you're English :D ) Comes to mind. Way back, the sliding back window in my Toyota truck rattled, so I made a pattern and cut a window out of the cheap plastic sheet sold at Home Depot. They lasted about 6 months in the Florida sun. Another option is find a glass shop and have them cut one out of real glass. Dennis

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