Securing the Fuel Door Cover (with pics)

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Securing the Fuel Door Cover (with pics)

Post by Guacamole » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:40 am

While I was filling up the other day, I noticed one of the plastic "screws" that held the fuel door on had fallen out, and the other just pulled right out. So here's a guide to fixing it without drilling holes.

What you'll need:
  • The fuel door (obviously)
  • Wire cutters (or some form of cutters)
  • 2 1in long bolts & accompanying nuts (I prefer nyloc nuts in case they rattle loose, but regular nuts will work. Washers optional)
  • Vise grip pliers

If the cover isn't off yet, it's held on by the two black plastic "screws" and two plasic lips moulded into the right side that fit over the metal fuel door. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK THESE

Step 1
Cut a notch on the right side of the "screw" holes on the cover, just wide enough to shove the new bolt between them without falling out.

Step 2
Shove the bolts between the freshly cut openings with the threads facing you.

Step 3
Reattach the cover to the fuel door. Remember to attach the lips at the right first, then put the bolts through.

Step 4
Now comes the fun part. Here you'll need to put the nuts on the bolts. This can be done several ways. I did it by using a pair of vise grips and simultaneously pulling and twisting the nuts on so the bolt wouldn't spin. Make sure they're tight enough to not wiggle, but not so tight the plastic breaks. You can also glue the bolts to the cover to make it easier, but I have no idea how well this will hold when tightening.

And you're all done!

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