Sloppy Wiper Linkage

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Sloppy Wiper Linkage

Post by rp2813 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:57 pm

I searched for a discussion on this topic here, but found nothing. There's plenty of discussion elsewhere on line, though. The issue is that there's a huge amount of play in the wiper linkage on my Baja, and it appears this is a common problem across the Subaru model line. The culprit is a plastic bushing that fails, usually where the linkage snaps onto the wiper motor, but there's another bushing at the opposite end that could also fail. I'm sure this is what's wrong with my wipers.

The videos I've seen are informative up to a point, but none are very thorough about the R&R process. I'm wondering if any of the aftermarket linkages are worth considering. They're about 1/3 the price of OEM. There are used linkages for sale on line, but how long would it be before the bushings broke on those?

Accounts about buying generic replacement bushings at an auto parts store indicate that's only asking for trouble, and that you'll end up with another broken bushing in relatively short order. You can't buy just the bushings from Subaru. They want to sell you a whole new linkage.

What's the best solution? I read one story that indicated the wipers were operated for so long with this sloppy linkage that the one on the driver's side removed paint from the pillar. Yikes!

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