Dog DeMuro reviews the Baja

General talk about the Subaru Baja.

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Dog DeMuro reviews the Baja

Post by jaxed »

Overall a good video. One thing that seemed "off" was the bit about the bed extender. My bed extender can be removed and installed in seconds -- but maybe it is aftermarket.


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Re: Dog DeMuro reviews the Baja

Post by TrentRoogna »

I saw that review and immediately thought that the borrowed Baja belonged to someone in this forum. I think I recall seeing a post about cosmetic customization of painting the grill, headlight interior trim and such.

The bit about the sunroof seemed odd because it's the same size as the one my 99 outback had.

Part of it made me sad and just hammered in how clueless I was in my mid twenties. Not until finding this forum and that video did I fully understand that sport and turbo are pretty much two different cars with the same body mounted on.
My 5 spd sport isn't close to as desirable or valuable as I always thought it was. Still love it though.

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Re: Dog DeMuro reviews the Baja

Post by Guacamole »

Youtube comments never disappoint
:lol: :lol: :lol:

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