Best trim coating I've found so far

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Best trim coating I've found so far

Post by jseabolt »

I bought some of this stuff last year and it held up pretty good over the winter. ... 1069d1ac90

It works best on textured plastics and rubber. For some reason it doesn't work too well on slick plastic.

For example.

Works well on:

The plastic trim that goes around the bed and the bed itself
Antenna base
cowl panels
anything rubber like the window seals

Does not work too well on:

Black plastic around mirrors
Roof rails

Somewhat OK on the black pieces on rear bumper.

Although probably not intended, I did use it on the rear tail lights on my 98 Chevy van and made them look new.

I found it best if applied with a foam brush. Also don't let it get on the paint or it leaves it looking dingy but won't harm the paint.

One more thing. Do not let this stuff dry out in the sun. It will fish-eye.

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Re: Best trim coating I've found so far

Post by terayon »

I use A303 that's a spray on... it's good for a month or 6 weeks at a time... the issue is if you wash out the bed it will wash off too.

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