New baja owner, some questions.

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Re: New baja owner, some questions.

Post by Guacamole » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:16 pm

03bajaSport wrote:
Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:47 pm

No worries man, you have been more than helpful!

So today i had my old canister Strup muffler put on, dropped it off and when i picked it up my exhaust guy had made it bolt on! That was pretty awesome of him. It is loud but not overbearing but has a little of the subie rumble, but needs UEL headers to really make that work. So i am gonna ask him to make one side longer unless there is a NA header that would work?
I don't know much about the exhaust from the cat forward, but it doesn't look like there's any OEM parts that would work, even from other models... unless this aftermarket one works: ... uctDetails
It's for an Impreza 2.5rs, which uses an EJ25 NA engine... so maybe it'll fit?
NASIOC has a thread for a full Impreza 2.5rs exhaust to 97 Legacy GT, says the full exhaust will fit except for the midpipe. ... ?t=1337324
Borla also has an aftermarket header that fits 97-05 2.5L Legacies that looks strikingly similar to the other one I linked (HOLY F :shock: CK THAT PRICE): ... 17183.html

And one of the answered questions on the Amazon link is "will this fit an 03 baja" and it says yes... so I guess it'll fit. Reviews say it needs some stretching for various models though. ... _ql_al_hza

Shoot, when I save up enough to redo my entire exhaust I might just get one of these, it's even cheaper than the total of my light bars I bought on sale AND my recent redneck flex joint fix holy cow.

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