My Baja

General talk about the Subaru Baja.

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My Baja

Post by MAJT » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:49 am

Hey All,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 10 year Volkswagen guy on vwvortex as my daily drivers (2012 VW GLI) but I bought a 2003 Baja about a year ago. I slapped some snows on it this year and I love my winter beater! Went over a 2ft snowbank into 1 feet of snow and drove around the trail for a bit, not a problem at all! My 2003 Baja Regatta Red Pearl is in stock Canadian trim, so it's nicely equipped with leather-ette, power sunroof, power seat, heated seats, 2.5L engine and 5 speed manual. The Baja is stock other than an upgraded radio, snugfit color matched tonneau and a bed extender. I've had 0 issues so far. An engine light came on once then disappeared on it's own, something to do with the EGR. This Baja has saved me on many Lowe's trips including a 10 foot box on the roof racks with another one going through the bed into the cabin. Love the versatility and handling in the winter.

There is a little drivetrain lurch though, when I'm on the gas then get off it, there is a noticeable shudder in the vehicle. Rear axle bushing for the transfer case is a common issue apparently. Any thoughts?


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